What is the Early Care and Education Teacher Career Pathway Program?

This is a three part, 9-day basic foundation course specifically designed to instruct adults in how children, six weeks to 12 years of age, develop and learn, and how to support their developmental needs in an early learning child care program.

Why would I want to participate in the Early Care and Education Teacher Career Pathway Program?

Many adults seek opportunities for instruction in a new career and decide they would like to work with children. This course offers unique instruction for adults who are interested in learning more about young children's growth and development and the importance of their interactions and environment. Ages birth to 5 are critically important years and the Early Care and Education field needs dedicated, prepared teachers that can support children's developmental needs in a child care setting. These settings also serve older children in afterschool programming and this course supports that preparation to connect with older children.


What is the fee to register for the courses?

There is a nominal fee of $30 that must be paid via money order upon acceptance to the program. The fee is nonrefundable but can be applied to future sessions if you cancel your attendance.

What does the course provide?

  • Tools and best practices needed to become a qualified teacher for a child care center or family child care home through participation in a specialized quality educational experience
  • A training content notebook and resource materials
  • Ability to receive a national background check
  • A certificate for state-approved training hours by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
  • A certificate for CPR and first aid training
  • Employment search tips and child care resources information
  • An entry point for employment and career pathway

What are the qualifications to participate in the courses?

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Eligible to work in Georgia
  • Complete an online application and submit a background consent form
  • Have a clear or acceptable background check
  • Provide a minimum of two reachable character references
  • Successfully complete a phone interview with the program administrator
  • Must be able to attend and complete all days of the course and the 15 hours of online study

How do I register to participate?

Opportunities to register can be found online at www.preparetoteachece.org. All applications and appropriate documentation must be submitted prior to or on the registration deadline date for that particular course.

What are the procedures for acceptance to attend the course?

  • Electronic application complete
  • Submission of background consent documents
  • Phone interview complete
  • Acceptance (contingent upon background check results. Will occur within three business days after phone interview.)
  • Email confirmation of acceptance or denial
  • Final approval by administration (pending clear criminal background check results)

Why do I need to send a background check consent form after completing the online application?

A clear criminal background check is a requirement of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. No person may work or serve in any capacity around children if they do not have a clear criminal background check. United Way of Greater Atlanta must ensure each participant meets this requirement. This means NO convictions, regardless of the time, in order to attend the class. You can complete the background check consent form online or you may request an electronic form be sent via email. Send an email to subinfo@unitedwayatlanta.org. Fax the completed form to United Way, Attention: Sub Info at 404-527-3560.

Why do I need character references?

Character references are required to ensure each participant is of sound character and ability to supervise and interact with children. The references provide the program administrators with information that indicates your ability to be a good role model and a positive influence on children.

What happens if I am unable to attend the scheduled course due to an emergency?

If an emergency arises, contact the Program Coordinator immediately and give notice that you will miss the course. You may request a transfer to another scheduled course. Acceptance will be based on the timing of your notice regarding the emergency and the availability in another course. If you fail to show up or do not complete a course, you forfeit your opportunity to take another course.

Does your course provide certification?

No. There is no certification .You will receive training hours that are state-approved by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and CPR and first aid certification.

Do any of the state-approved training hours transfer to college credit?

No. College credit must be received from an accredited college or university.

What is the average rate of pay upon completion of any of the courses?

The average rate of pay within the Early Care and Education field can range from minimum wage to a higher rate of pay. All rates of pay and employment arrangements will be determined by the child care director and you.

Will I be employed by United Way of Greater Atlanta upon course completion?

No. These courses provide program graduates with a basic foundation of knowledge (blend of theory and practice) to support young children and youth in Early Care and Education programs. United Way also provides employment search tips, child care resources information and connections to child care employers — allowing program graduates to seek employment opportunities. No guarantee of employment is made. Accepting employment does not imply or indicate that you are, at any time, employed by United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

You can email subinfo@unitedwayatlanta.org.